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Common Wiccan & Buddhist Spiritual Themes

Hello and Welcome! I get my spirituality from many places primarily Wicca and Buddhism. Together, I think they kick ass. If you are Wiccan, if you are Buddhists, if you aren't either but just want to learn about these 2 faiths, if you are just philosophical and spiritually minded and like to contemplate your navel and the universe all day....whatever you are welcome. Go crazy, I don't care. Just be respectful and have fun! =)

1. Upon joining...
name or (Wiccan name...if u wish):
years of practice:
unique beliefs:
recommend a book or practice if u like:

2.Respect is of utmost importance. Under no circumstances will insults be tolerated. Disagreements do arise and we encourage intellectual debate but when debating, do so respectfully. Do not attack or harass fellow members. I don't like to ban people but I will ban anyone that does not follow the rules. Especially this one.

3. Very long posts or large pictures must be put under a cut. If you do not know how to do this, please ask someone or look it up in the FAQ.

4.You may plug your communities here but that must also be put under a cut, as it is off topic and may annoy people.

5.You can occassionally post off topic but try to keep this to a minimum. We like to keep focused here.

6. No offensive language or pictures. No nudity. Keep your "skyclad" thing to yourself. LOL I'm sure its beautiful but this is just not the place.

7.Let's keep this community active. So please, tell at least one friend about us.(This is not a rule just a suggestion)

8. Have fun! What's the point if we don't have fun right? Okay thats not a rule exactly but by all means, keep it light. Humorous posts are a great way to add fun to what could be a serious subject.

9. The rules change occassionally according to necessity so please check them every so often.

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