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10:03am 03/03/2008
  Today, we celebrate our day...
What we really are.
We don't need love...
We are Love.
Our generosity is endless
So is our gratitude.

Heaven is our dream.
And it is going with us where ever we go.
We are the truth.
We are Life.
We don't have beginning.

We don't have end.
We really don't know what we are
And we don't care to know...
We only know that we are!
That we are alive!

----don Miguel Ruiz
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12:51pm 27/11/2007
  You receive pleasure not from the realization of a desire …
But from its absence...
If You understand it - you will find a short way...
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As requested by the Moderator: 
09:38pm 02/11/2007
  name or (Wiccan name...if u wish): Waywalker, if you please.

years of practice: I can not say, as I do not believe I am strictly Wiccan. But perhaps 3 years?

unique beliefs: With all respect, I say that I am a Christian, an inductee to Cathlicism, a Tslagi (Cherokee) Water Pourer, a student of Buddhism, a student of Wicca, and called to be a minister in all things. By using the word "minister" I do not mean anything specifically of one type of religion or spirituality, but someone who is (I feel and believe) called by the Divine to learn of the Divine and speak of such as the situation calls for.

Merry Met, Namaste, Osio, and Hello! I greet you all in the best way I know how, and hope life brings you happiness.
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01:48pm 25/10/2007
  You did not choose the date of your birth...
You did not choose the country in which to be born...
You did not choose the color of your skin...
Parents and heredity...
Now you precisely choose everything!
However, it is already late!
Moreover, it is too ridiculous...
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01:45pm 24/10/2007
  I have come into the church …
I have heard your prays … «Yes there will be my will! »...
So you pray and you beg … very much wish to impose your will to God …
That is what for are all these temples and sacrifices!
God’s will does not need any approve …
When we ask for something this means that God is not competent...
Moreover, we know better about our needs!
Nevertheless, God does not require our help!
Relax and calm down... Accept That What It Is!
It is Its Will and Its Favor!
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08:58pm 21/10/2007
  Try to understand that…
Looking for a harmony –it is already a disharmony!
You do need neither to look for it nor to create it…
You need to find and remove that what upsets your life!
The clouds hide the Sun…but It is always Here!
Moreover, it is such a pleasure that we do not have to create It!
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03:21am 18/10/2007
mood: cheerful
I found a 6 part series of books in the pharmacy strangely enough. Its entitled "Sweep" by Cate Tierman and then it has names for each part like "Book of Shadows", "The Coven", "Blood Witch", Dark Magick".

Anyway, its really great. You think its gonna be cheesy at first cause its about a teenager juswt discovering Wicca and its a little far fetched but it gets REALLY good and it kind of put me more in touch with how magickal it all is. All of the magick that it exists in nature. Not just how we utilize it. I highly recommend it if you can find it.

Mel a.ka. Lark
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The Spirituality of Wicca 
02:42am 18/10/2007
mood: inspired
Merry Meet,

This is the moderator of this community. Wow, I have to check if anyone is still here being that I've posted maybe just once or twice. At first I didn't know what I wanted this community to be about and then it hit me. The spirituality of paganism.

See, I feel that in most communities, the stress is on magick. This is a major part of the religion and its all well and good. Far be it from me to minimize its importance but I just feel that there is so much more to it. There aren't enough books that cover it but I believe its in demand to explore this concept. So here I pose a question. What does Wicca (or other pagan faiths) mean to you? The spiritual side of it. What does it do for you? How does it enlighten your soul? If you have a hard time answering, maybe you'll care to stay here and go on this journey with me. And if it inspires you, maybe you'll tell a friend about this community and get it going.
Mel aka Lark
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Some Inspiration 
02:15pm 20/10/2005
  "When we perceive a mountain, the mountain is the object of our perception. When we perceive the moon, the moon is the object of our perception. When we say, "I can see my consciousness in the flower," it means we can see the cloud, the sunshine, the earth, and the minerals in it. But how can we see our consciousnes in a flower? The flower is our consciousness. It is the object of our perception. It is our perception. To perceive means to perceive something. Perception means the coming into existence of the perceiver and the perceived. The flower that we are looking at is part of our consciousness. The idea that our consciousness is outside of the flower has to be removed. It is impossible to have a subject without an object. It is impossible to remove one and retain the other."

-an excerpt from The Heart of the Buddha's Teaching by Thich Nhat Hanh

I ganked this from my own journal :)
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08:47am 20/10/2005
  I joined this community because it looks interesting..I am not Wiccan or Buddhist I am toltec and I have been practicing it for 3 to 4 years now.My name is luthias and I hope to learn new things here and have fun.Here is a recommend a book The Teachings of don Juan if anyone would like to know about more books just ask I would be happy to reply  
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03:42am 20/10/2005
mood: amused
This made me laugh sooooooo much.


Also, as far as strengthening Wiccan spirituality, I use these all of the time (and love em) http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/1567182739/qid=1129794406/sr=2-1/ref=pd_bbs_b_2_1/104-3184981-7116701?v=glance&s=books

Theres one for the God as well
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07:22am 14/10/2005
  I joined this community because I am tired of all the spell requests that keep popping up in the other communities I am in. I am looking forward to seeing what this community can can offer.

The info states there are similarities between Wicca and Buddhism. I was of the opinion that these two are fairly different from each other. Could softmadchildren please explain in a bit more detail what it is that you consider the similarities to be?
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Lucid Dreaming 
12:08am 14/10/2005
mood: curious
Hey you're a quiet bunch aren't you? Well I guess I'll start.
First off, some news:
"The Dalai Lama will be giving a public talk in Washington DC on November 13th."
(Wish I could be there. Might be inspirational.)

So in my effort to kind of just strengthen my very essence as well as spellwork, I've gotten VERY into meditating as of late. Thing is, I only feel relaxed enough to do it until a short while before going to bed. Well, I don't know if anyone else has experienced this but I have been having the most VIVID lucid dreams. Its like this AMAZING side effect. But I find that when you open those doors, all of this truth starts hitting you. Its weird but while they aren't nightmares exactly, they can be kinda scary for some reason. Anyone have any experience with any of this?
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05:40am 13/10/2005
mood: excited
MM! Welcome to enlightendwicca.
I hope you find your experience here to be enlightening as well as fun. All that you need to know about the community is in the info. The more people we can get here the better and the more we chat, ask questions, trade advice and philosophies, the more we can expect to get out of this. So please, stay, smoke da peace pipe, and be merry. I'm , your mod. Need anything, I'll be available to help. Let the games begin!
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